Regina, Saskatchewan

From Jasper and Banff into the Saskatchewan Prairie. Once entirely populated by Cree and Blackfoot Indians, they represent only 6 % of the Canadian Population. Today, the proud plains Indian has a Ford all wheel drive and he goes for a coffee to Tim Hortons and for a burger to McDonalds. But in spring they have their Pow wow, and they do as much they can to keep their culture alive. In Medicine Hat the tallest Teepee in the world, the Saamis Teepee, was erected as a memorial


After Valemount I had almost 500 km of mountain highway in front of me. And what kind of highway: Jasper National Park and Banff National Park. In dimensions, it is almost comparable with the Uttarakhand Himalaya in India, but here it is organized. Always 3- to 4 lane highway and smooth like a pool table. But this goes with speed traps and police presence obviously. I needed 11 hours to do this whole scenic road, but is was worth every minute. Judge for yourself. If necessa


I left late this morning, I had only 270 km to do. So at a very slow pace I moved towards Valemount, a small town at the foot of Jasper National Park, my itinerary for tomorrow. Two days ago while on the ferry to Prince Rupert, I had spent a couple of hours chatting motorbikes with Joe, a Canadian biker. Today, it was cold but sunny and I had to make a stop to add an extra layer of clothing. When I nearly finished dressing up, I saw Joe driving by on his Goldwing. It didn't

Prince George

Gitselasu or Kitselas First Nation. First Nation is the only recognized name in Canada for those previously called Indians. Finally Cristoforo Colombo 's error is rectified. First Nations populations were less combative compared to the often violent battles between colonists and native peoples in the United States. Combined with later economic development, this relatively non-combative history has allowed First Nations peoples to have an influence on the national culture, w

Prince Rupert

I was hoping on blue skies, but there was only rain and low clouds. I am on my way to Prince Rupert, an amazing 17 hours boat trip between islands, and always close to the shore. I was promised to see whales, seals and grizzly's. Instead I got only drizzle and grey. Still suffering from jet lag since my arrival from Seoul, I took a cabin and caught up with the missing sleep. And I slept!! And that's all, if only to avoid you end up in the same situation... #NorthAmerica #J