Port Hardy

Good advice often comes in the most unexpected ways... Yesterday, when looking for an US 110V adapter, I drove hours in vain. Until I got the brilliant idea to return to the airport, to finally find what I needed. I was parked in front of the entrance and someone was curious about my license plates. Even though he thought I was Italian, meaning for him another European, he was nicely surprised to find another Belgian in front of him. It turned out the was a close neighbor w

Seoul-Tokyo-Vancouver, extra gained day

I was pretty much stressed for what was going to happen in Canada. After all there was a motorcycle to clear at the customs, and there were all the treats of Japan Airlines. !!! YOU WILL BE REFUSED ACCESS!!!! In less than 30 minutes, I had my luggage reclaimed and I had received a "Have a pleasant stay in Canada, Sir." from the customs. Next obstacle was Air Canada Cargo. A gentle lady, signed and stamped my papers and then sent me to the Canadian Import Customs. Another


In journeying eastward I went towards the sun, and the days therefore diminished as many times four minutes as I crossed degrees in this direction. Sometimes 40 minutes a day. There are 360 degrees on the circumference of the earth; and these 360 degrees, multiplied by four minutes, gives precisely twenty-four hours—that is, a day unconsciously gained if I would be already at home. But payday is today and this evening I cross the International Date Line somewhere in the Paci

Seoul City stroll

What do you do when you are without your motorcycle? -you have lunch. - stroll the town - and take pictures of local girls who adore being photographed. #Korea #june #asia #seoul


Not an average day. I had to bring my motorcycle somewhere close to the airport. But not before a thorough cleaning session. The Canadian customs are scared as hell to import foreign dirt. If there is some dirt on the bike, they refuse importation and send it back where it came from. We cannot afford this, so I stopped at a car wash to do what is necessary. If it wasn't for the gods, who decided to do what they found necessary by throwing another rain shower at me the momen


When I drove my motorcycle for the first time into Istanbul, now 3 years ago, it was magical. I slowed down as much as possible to enjoy this wee moment of greatness. That is how it feels. The very same year there was Tehran. And later, two years ago Moscow. Seoul, this time, was no different. This part of the city is divided in two parts by means of a railway. Some genius architect invented this air boardwalk to link both parts. And he did a marvelous job. Even though it r

The Japanese Sea

I still had to stay until noon in Vladivostok before sailing to S.Korea. Although I was eager to leave, the company of Катюша made me enjoy my very last hours in Vladivostok. I met her in the restaurant at the hotel and the day after she was so kind to offer me a lift to the harbour. Катюша symbolized the whole 4 weeks I spent in Russia. Russians may seem cold, distant and also a bit scary to us, but they are nothing like this. On the contrary, they are among the kindest peo


Rendez-vous at 9:00 AM with Mr. Yuri Melnikov and his lovely and adequate assistant Svetlana to clear the motorcycle whit the Russian customs. A task that couldn't have been achieved without their professional assistance. After completing two or three documents in their office, Svetlana drove me to so many different places, I don't even remember where, to meet the local officials and to finally deliver the motorbike at the pier for shipment. At the end of this Odyssey ther


Vladivostok is sometimes called the San Francisco of the east. And there are certain similarities. Like the fog, the bridges, hilly streets, both a seaport and pretty cold. Only SF won't go down to -25°C in wintertime. So I went for a ride in the City center and close neighborhood. The weather, after a foggy cloudy morning, turned into blue skies and sunny. And Grigory showed me around. A lovely city I must say, it reminds me to Europe. Nonetheless it is a full bread Rus


Preparing myself this morning to get a USA visa I found the following notice on their website: Dear visa applicants, We are currently experiencing a longer than normal appointment wait time period, which may continue into the summer. First Available Appointment Is Monday June 19, 2017. Not much I can do now, as I take the ferry to Donghae only two days later. Everything is always a last minute decision the way I travel, and changes are continuous. That is just how it is! An


This pretty sign next to the road pictured perfectly my last three weeks on my motorcycle. It showed my Eurasian trip and the final destination. At least until this evening. Apparently a place on the ferry Vladivostok - Donghae had become available. I only needed to decide quickly. No problem, it meant that I can drive whole the way to Seoul through S. Korea. And I have the whole week to do the necessary to get an US Visa. Every little bit is falling together. And so I wi

Khabarovsk or "The Grand Hotel Prestige"

Early birds! I was thinking to be the only fool to get up early to complete my 1200km rather soon. Instead, the courtyard was already crowded with Indian bikers, all dressed up and with humming engines. Whatever happens, I will never, ever be the first at morning dew. It is just not me. The Indians, 5 of them all from Mumbai except the one from Delhi, had traveled from India, Myanmar, Thailand, China and all other countries between in. And now traveling Russia from East

Ulan Ude

How can there be a difference in temperature such big? Today, I had both 12° and 36° at the end of the day. The reason is simple, Lake Baikal is still so cold after the Siberian winter that this mass of ice-water has an enormous influence on the local climate. Lake Baikal stretches from north to south for about 650 km and 80 km wide. It is a rift lake, where the earth's crusts slowly pull apart. It is also the worlds deepest lake. And it has a monster, what did you aspect?


I left early this morning, after all I had more than thousand kilometers ahead of me. I had a tank full of petrol and also the weather collaborated. Until some rain stopped the good feelings. Luckily it only lasted for a short while. My boots where still soaking wet from the day before, so in the morning I had the bright idea to wrap both my feet in plastic bags to keep my socks and feet dry. A measure for nothing, I arrived in Irkutsk with the same wet feet. I should buy m


I slept until 10:00. I guess I needed it. Slowly I woke up, had a shower and breakfast and then I hit the road at about midday. On my way to Kemerovo. Back to bogland! I have always had a strong admiration for the NASA's first six. But my devotion to the Russian cosmonauts has always been stronger. Hence my visit to Baikonur last year. The place where everything started. Totally unexpected, and how strong are the odds, I arrived in the village known to be the birthplace of


Because I had in mind to do only 400 km to Khovd, there was absolutely no rush on leaving yesterdays hotel. On a snail pace I drove towards the Russian -Mongolian border. I expected a couple of hours delay for administration. And afterwards only 350 km to do. A piece of cake... The Russian customs administration on exit lasted 1 hour. Then a quick drive of 30 km in no mans land to Mongolia. On arrival there I noticed that the plastic cover of my bag had flown away. The onl


This is Kosh Agach, 2000 meter above sea level. And I can see Mongolia at a distance. But before getting here I still had to fight off millions of white butterflies. They only disappeared when I was gaining altitude. It is a sheer joy ride through the Altai Republic. A mountainous area under the personal protection of Vladimir Putin who invested a huge amount of money to develop this area by building roads, activate tourism and build new infrastructures. There is clearly a di

Gorno Altaysk

This morning at 9:00 AM I was present to collect the tyres as we agreed the day before. It all went pretty good. But without GPS navigators it would have been an impossible task. Soon after I was on my way to the mechanic and 2 hours later I was riding brand new rubbers. And I had the opportunity to clean my bike. After all the worrying everything turned out fine. I had never any doubt, but I don't want to loose too much time waiting. Afterwards back to Moskvich to pack a


The road from Omsk to Barnaul was like the previous 3000 km. A strong and cold side wind, hardly any trees, and often bad roads full of potholes. A very long ride through Bog Country. In short, pretty boring. But there is no way getting around it. Siberia is huge, and if you want to get in Mongolia you must endure this challenge. Or maybe by plane could be Of course the main event of the day was to get my new track tyres. Andrei proposed that he would bring t