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Packing issues....

Having been "on route" already 4 times, the packing job becomes merely a routine. Packing and unpacking I have to say. There is always a minor doubt about having forgotten something. Anyway, I am as ready as can be.

Passport, visa and credit cards.

And did I forgot to mention the 50 extra kilos, stuffed about everywhere, from which only 10% of it ever to be used. Anyway, it eases my mind dragging these extras with me. Surely, and last but not least, my washing machine attached to the frame. Ready to do the job after the first day of sweating.

Talking about credit cards. Trying to take some extra cash with me, I found out my credit card stopped working. So, tomorrow before leaving I have go to the bank to get me a new one.


It 'll cost at least 1 hour delay, but that's ok, I will have bigger fish to fry in the near future.

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