• 850km


And so it starts, sunshine ans blue skies. But not for long. Dark clouds would soon take over and the last 200 km were done under a pouring rain. Bah, it won't be the last rain to bother me.

I also dropped the bike. Twice. My left foot, after a big motorbike crash about 10 years ago, has developed a life of its own. My foot does what it likes to do!

And we do not always share the same opinion. Not to mention the direction I want to go to. For a good understanding, I never argue with my foot. It makes no sense.

So I was pretty much convinced I had kicked out the motorcycle stand, but nothing like that was true.

Bam, down I went. In front of a cheering public.

I am only wondering how long it will last to get into rhythm. I am certainly dealing with the result of a year of physical indolence.

The most exiting thing that happened today was this silly blimp flying over me, while taking tourists above the Bodensee.

Not much for a start.

Sorry. . . .

#europe #may

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