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On my way to Sterdyn, almost on arrival, I passed this horrible place called Treblinka. Closed in 1944 by the Nazis after an up rise. Afterwards the terrain was carefully ploughed and lupines were sowed to hide the horrors. It is now a memorial site.

A dreadful place to be.

Anyway, I ended up here, at this castle. It could have been worse. The perfect place to lick the wounds I had to endure on my way getting here.

My left foot decided to take a small vengeance by ending up (twisted) under the hard aluminium case of my motorcycle, while I had my third fall.

The hard track road turned suddenly in deep soft sand. On a +400kg motorcycle it is hard to keep control.

Result: a painful foot and a twisted knee.

By the way , it is said aluminium is a soft metal. Do not believe this.

I have to carry on though, I hardly covered 2000 km...

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