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Meet Rob. Rob is a Nightwolf and a Martial Arts instructor.

A really nice guy who immediately offered me a gift and help. We met at the Russian border in Terehova where I had to wait for almost 3 hours.

Peanuts compared to the 36 hours when I had to be faithful to Allah and be patient at the Iranian border.

Anyway, I got through and the last words of the custom clerk were to leave Russia before the visa expires on June 25th.

I 'll keep it in mind!

A sad thing is the way how Russians sell their National Medved. Stuffed!!! Masha would definitely cry.

I saw at least 20 sale stands with lots of bears and wolves.

All of this is probably legal for what the law concerns. But I surely couldn't pull the trigger when one of these animals were in front of the barrel of a gun. But that is just me.

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