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Moscow II

Coming from the west, this bridge is what you see when entering Moscow. The sphere on top used to be a restaurant. It was closed by a lack of clients because no parking slots were available. A nice project but not well thought about.

You may think to have seen the unusual. And you may think to have seen the bizarre.

But nothing is like the the Nightwolves "Berlova" where you can find this BMW chopper at the entrance

. What you find inside beats all of your imagination. It is like entering Mad Max's Thunderdome.

But before getting there, I visited a real Russian Man Cave! Berloga they call it , a Bear's den. What else could it be called in Russia. A basement where the only women allowed are pictures on a calender. Full of motorcycles, working tools, rock music, the smell of petrol, a little bar, bad wall painting and a lot of chaos. The perfect spot.

And many thanks to Artem for all the work done this Sunday afternoon, and to Nashde for the lovely moose Borsht.

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