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Yoshkar Ola

I left Moscow pretty early in the morning to arrive in time at my next destination, Yoshkar Ola in Tatarstan.

Temperatures had unexpectedly doubled since yesterday, I had a nice 23 °C on leaving and I was uncomfortably warm for the first time since I left home. In the afternoon the temperatures dropped dramatically, hardly 10°C left. On top of that it started to rain and I had still 400 km tin front of me before arriving in Yoshkar.

I can live with this and I've had worse, but when the roads are full of potholes and loads of trucks around you, things get different.

Temperatures were dropping even more, slightly above freezing. When the ice water starts dripping into your neck, then slowly slides over your back to end at your "Nickers", you can only think, why a I doing this? I cannot answer, it 's probably masochism!

A few words about tyres! As long your driving fast it's ok, the tyres warm up.

But when you slow down, you can't get any heat into them. The cooling effect of the cold water is too strong. The tyres become a rock-hard chunk of rubber. Impossible to ride.

The last 70 km took me more than 2 hours, but I made it safely. Completely frozen and dead tired.

That night I read about what happened in Moscow. 16 People got killed due to a severe thunderstorm.

And I thought I had a bad day....

Anyway, a hot shower solves a lot of problems and bad thoughts. The same evening, under a dark grey sky, I had a short stroll in the city of Yoshkar Ola. Only one word: Beautiful. The whole old town is build around a lake. The houses boarding the lake look Dutch. To complete the whole picture there are Russian Orthodox churches everywhere. A pity i could not see this in daylight.

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