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Today while taking gas at the tank station (60 euro cents per liter by the way), I met Pavel. Pavel has clocked 235.000 km on his BMW. It took him 9 years to get them. Persistence!

He taught me how to ride a motorcycle in Russia. For sure I know how to ride a motorcycle, but Pavel knew everything about the speed limits and how to avoid fines.

Given this we could maintain a high cruise speed of about 125 km/h. Pavel was the perfect Towing Pilot! For about 400 km we traveled together before he turned left to Yekatarinenburg where he would return home after a 30 days trip.

Anyway, today I crossed the Ural Mountains, According to my old geography teacher in elementary school, I am now officially in Asia. More precisely in Kurgan. A small town between Chelyabinsk and Omsk. Chelyabinsk is known for the nuclear disaster in the sixties. Whatever.

I chose Kurgan for its position. To optimise my travel.

Kurgan itself is nothing more than a crappy town.

Full Stop!

But we all must admit that they have a very ingenious way to make the pasta more attractive. Spaghetti all' polpo , Kurgan version.

Do not try this at home!!!

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