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This is the cute side of Russia, somewhat between Kurgan and Omsk.

The small villages look all the same. Colorful houses, flourishing trees in spring. And always a little church. Don't forget the stray dogs who never loose any opportunity to attack all new arrivals in town. Me in this case!

Anyway, where was I ? Did I mention that this morning my whole project is put into question?

An email from the shipping handler, Mr. Yuri Melnikov, told me that all ferries to S.Korea where fully booked until the end of July. And no cargo flights from Vladivostok to North America. Only through Seoul.


So what do I do now? There are a few options.

The worst (and the only) is to return the whole way back through Russia. Same road.

After visiting Mongolia of course.

But then I am back home before the end of the month due to my visa expiration date.

Maybe travel to St. Petersburg and further on to Finland.

I did this before. Forget it, no way ! Denmark and then Iceland maybe?

Whatever, for now I just carry on to Mongolia. and enjoy it at the fullest. I'll just see what happens. And tomorrow there is a tire change to do in Barnaul. My first priority.

At about 100 km before arrival in Omsk , I found a fellow motorcyclist next to the road with an engine fail. We spent almost 1 hour to find out he had no ignition. If we had spoken the same language it would have been less.

At the end I took him with me on my bike to the next village at about 30 km further on, looking in vain for a mechanic who could help him out.

Had a long talk with local villagers. And afterwards I brought him back to where I found him. He said he was ok....

Dunno, I hope he is.

By the way, his name was Alexander. Early twenties, long hair and a skull printed shirt. A very nice and grateful person.

In the Armenian highlands, a couple of years ago, I once offered my last liters of petrol to someone who was called Abu. I got in return some sausage and a loaf of bread. It was a very good trade. Although I am always rushing, I never felt this as lost time.

It is the spirit between bikers. You help because one day you may end up like the one in need. And especially in Siberia it is recommended to do so.

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