• 900 km


The road from Omsk to Barnaul was like the previous 3000 km. A strong and cold side wind, hardly any trees, and often bad roads full of potholes.

A very long ride through Bog Country. In short, pretty boring. But there is no way getting around it.

Siberia is huge, and if you want to get in Mongolia you must endure this challenge.

Or maybe by plane could be

Of course the main event of the day was to get my new track tyres. Andrei proposed that he would bring the tyres to my hotel.

Perfect. If only he was thinking to deliver next week.

And he wasn't in town.

Then a lot of hustle to get into contact with his wife. I spent at least 2 hours calling and waiting to get an answer.

Anyway to cut things short, tomorrow I can pick the tires at his place, and his wife will show where the mechanic lives so he can change the tyres.

...Fingers crossed....

I am staying in hotel Moskvich.

Named after the mythical Soviet car. Moskvich means Moscovite.

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