• 340 km

Gorno Altaysk

This morning at 9:00 AM I was present to collect the tyres as we agreed the day before. It all went pretty good. But without GPS navigators it would have been an impossible task.

Soon after I was on my way to the mechanic and 2 hours later I was riding brand new rubbers. And I had the opportunity to clean my bike. After all the worrying everything turned out fine.

I had never any doubt, but I don't want to loose too much time waiting.

Afterwards back to Moskvich to pack and go furthermore east. The weather is fine 25 °C and a clear blue sky.

No more cold, for now.


I had never seen before that many butterflies.

Billions of them. They seem to be the Siberian version of the Mexican Monarch Butterfly.

I later found out that the official name is: The Black-veined White butterfly which flies under the scientific name Aporia crataegi. ( source: The Siberian Times)

For at least 200 km I drove through a cloud of butterflies, sometimes very dense.

Like cherry blossoms in the wind.

They are white with black lines like nerves on their wings and on the inside they are yellow.

Maybe the sudden rise of temperature has woken them up or made them hatch from their cocoon.

Some other really good news.

Mr. Yuri Melnikov has contacted me to say there is possibility to get the bike to N. America from Vladivostok. If the bike is crated then it can be shipped by boat to S. Korea, on cargo on Wednesday 21st. Next day in Donghae on arrival the crate must be taken by truck to Seoul to be put on airfreight. This is when Ms. Wendy Choi plays a major role.

I contacted her and she is going to make me an offer for air freight to LAX. She also takes care of the Donghae - Seoul transport.

I think this can work. The full circle isn't broken yet.....

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