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Life isn't easy!

This morning I remembered to check my ESTA account for entrance in the USA. Totally confused I got to read:


Most probably I got refused because I traveled Iran in 2014. And I was brave enough to declare this in my application. Honesty is the best politics I was thinking. There are exceptions!

Now I need to apply for a visa. Luckily there is a US embassy in Vladivostok. It is not a lost cause yet, and then there is always Canada stretching from west to east.

Fingers crossed....

For at least 400 km under a pouring rain, I finally arrived in Krasnoyarsk.

Temperatures of 12° C and lots of traffic. You really think this bothered me? I had other fish to fry!!

The whole trip my mind was spinning faster than the wheels of the motorcycle. Thus I came up with several solutions: (For sure the bike will be shipped to S. Korea.)

1. Get a US visa and swallow your pride.

A delay on acquiring this Visa in Vladivostok can get me into problems while my Russian visa expires on June 25th. There is no guarantee I can get the visa in time by the US embassy.

2. Travel through Canada and forget about USA

I won't have any issues with Visa. Only importing goods in Canada can be quite tricky I was told.

I have heard of several cases of refusal and they weren't allowed access into Canada. Even worse, the items were reshipped to the place of origin.

3. Travel to Korea and ship afterwards to USA to continue the circle in August.

Ship the bike with a seacargo to Donghea, book a flight to Seoul. Travel Korea! Leave the bike in Korea for as long as it takes. Fly home and have a shipment for the bike organized to USA. Come back to California when I get an US Visa.

4. Travel S.Korea and ship the bike to Australia.

Not such a silly thought, but hey.....

5. Visit Lake Baikal then travel back home through Russia.

You never know, but I think : No way......

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