• 1078 km


I left early this morning, after all I had more than thousand kilometers ahead of me.

I had a tank full of petrol and also the weather collaborated. Until some rain stopped the good feelings. Luckily it only lasted for a short while. My boots where still soaking wet from the day before, so in the morning I had the bright idea to wrap both my feet in plastic bags to keep my socks and feet dry.

A measure for nothing, I arrived in Irkutsk with the same wet feet.

I should buy me a new pair of boots, you can imagine how they are after 60.000 km in all weather conditions. Not to mention the sm***, ... you know what.

Anyway, a boring day that lasted 12 hours on two wheels. The most interesting events where: A. A herd of goats

B. A new Russian Orthodox church ( Inside and outside)

C. The mammoth monument.

#asia #russia #june

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