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Ulan Ude

How can there be a difference in temperature such big?

Today, I had both 12° and 36° at the end of the day. The reason is simple, Lake Baikal is still so cold after the Siberian winter that this mass of ice-water has an enormous influence on the local climate. Lake Baikal stretches from north to south for about 650 km and 80 km wide.

It is a rift lake, where the earth's crusts slowly pull apart. It is also the worlds deepest lake. And it has a monster, what did you aspect? There is also the Baikal seal, one of the few fresh water seals.

And not to underestimate the Omul, a whitefish. The one on my plate during dinner.

The Siberian express runs south of Lake Baikal and follows the shore for 200 km.

So, about the very cold Baikal Lake. The road was twisting and turning , and every time I came closer to the Lake, temperatures dropped a mere 10°C, to go up again the next turn. Only looking at the lake from a distance, reminded for a short moment at Lago Maggiore. ...Forget it. No way, it is too cold!

In the end I was glad to leave it behind me and look for the 36°C which I finally found in Ulan Ude.

It 's home of the biggest Lenin statue in the world, if only for his head. And it is the capital of the Buryatia Republic.

It is known, together with Mongolia and Tuva Republic, for his throat singers.

Which sounds like this..

Arriving early, for the first time since I left, I had a stroll in a city. And it was a nice one. Ulan Ude is a lively town with a lot of Soviet remainders.

Especially this head of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, considered to be the biggest in the world.

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