• 650 km


5 hours of track + 400km of bad roads and 1 hour lost to CET.

Tired and late.

See you tomorrow.....

Anyway, I survived worse.

I arrived in Chita at 23.00, and again I dropped the bike in front of half the town. With me on it. Fourth fall in a three week time period.

No big deal. Steep curve, slightly uphill and in gearbox neutral (by accident). No way to keep this 350 kg of steel upright.

Above Ulan Ude, up high on the hill, there is this Buddhist temple, founded by the Dalai Lama. Complete with two Stupas and lots of ribbons everywhere. I traveled yet from Catholics, Protestants, Russian Orthodox, Muslim, Shamanism and now Buddhism. What's up next?

#asia #russia

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