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Today is Russia Day, June 12th.

Russian parliament formally declared Russian sovereignty from the Soviet Union.

The city of Chita was completely empty, apart from my bike parked in the boardwalk.

Flags and policemen everywhere. (and one of them got notice of my wrongly parked bike) All in preparation of the big parade that will happen during the day. I would have loved to be there, but not for me.

I had almost 1000 km in front of me, and I am already late.

A warm and nice day on the road. Nothing special.

I met a Korean guy who was coming to Europe through Russia, a Russian, called Yuri going west, and a lovely lady fancied me at the gas station. No pics though! But she did give me a сувенир.

Another someone lost her broom next to the road. Or badly parked it ! Hence, to me there is proof that also in Siberia they have witches.

Skovorodino is a small town close to the Trans Siberian Highway, somewhat halfway between Chita and Khabarovsk. Its position explains the relative high price of the hotel I am staying. On arrival, locals came to show their motorcycle to me. Ninja and R1 ( R-Adjin) What do you expect, we are in the middle of no where. These people are happy to see someone who's not from their small village.

To make a point, it takes 300 km between two gas stations.

Tomorrow I will stay at "The Grand Prestige Hotel" in Khabarovsk. 1200 Km further away. And I will be at the east side of China. Pretty cool, no ? An event that should be celebrated properly and lived at the fullest.

Hence The Grand Prestige Hotel.

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