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Khabarovsk or "The Grand Hotel Prestige"

Early birds! I was thinking to be the only fool to get up early to complete my 1200km rather soon. Instead, the courtyard was already crowded with Indian bikers, all dressed up and with humming engines. Whatever happens, I will never, ever be the first at morning dew. It is just not me. The Indians, 5 of them all from Mumbai except the one from Delhi, had traveled from India, Myanmar, Thailand, China and all other countries between in.

And now traveling Russia from East to West to end up in Europe.


Today it was horse flies. Every stop was guaranteed being bitten or stung by one of those. Hundreds of these sneaky insects swarmed around you. But the worst that happened today were the stink bugs! ( Cimice) A black cloud suddenly appeared in front of me. . . . And it was them, I was about to find out very soon. And no way avoiding, I just had to ride through them. Tac tac tac tac tac tac tac tac tac tac tac..... And that was only the sound on the visor of my helmet! All over me. I prayed for heavy rain which eventually came in a mild form.


Religion! I passed unexpectedly, I wasn't aware of this, another religion area. The "Jewish Autonomous Oblast". North of China and west of Khabarovsk.

Initially founded to protect the enormous Russian border from Chinese infiltration. But hardly any Jewish people live there. Pogroms, Stalinism, and everything else that happened...

Nowadays they represent only 1 % of the population.

Most others are Russian settlers, and probably Chinese infiltration.

So here it is, The Grand Hotel Prestige.

An authentic Russian - Siberian place to stay. What more can a man want for.

Before arriving there I saw this beautiful mansion. I do wonder who lives there.

Anyway, tomorrow I have an appointment with the Pacific Ocean. How cool is that?

It took me 21 days and 15.000 km to cross the Eurasian continent. And without Mongolia I could have done so in 5 days less.

Finally I will get some rest, hopefully.

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