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Preparing myself this morning to get a USA visa I found the following notice on their website:

Dear visa applicants,

We are currently experiencing a longer than normal appointment wait time period, which may continue into the summer.

First Available Appointment Is Monday June 19, 2017.

Not much I can do now, as I take the ferry to Donghae only two days later. Everything is always a last minute decision the way I travel, and changes are continuous.

That is just how it is!

And Canada is also beautiful, but it's colder much colder. ;-) Also I can extend my stay in S.Korea, there is no need to rush through it.


And today my Bike got this much needed maintenance.

So I spent my day at the BMW dealer in Vladivostok.

I can think of a lot worse places to stay all day.

And apart from cars, there are also the people presenting them. The whole team here could represent a MotoGP race. And getting noticed!

But if you really want to know something scary, listen to this.

In the picture you see what became of the hole in the tyre I had in Mongolia. Before it was just a simple crack. It may be called a miracle the tyre survived this for more than 7000 km at speeds of 140 km/h. It still gives me the shivers....

Maybe quoting Mr. Montgomery Burns is appropriate now. "Somebody up there likes me"

Luckily another tyre is offered by BMW- Vladivostok. Many thanks to Grigory and his team.

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