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Vladivostok is sometimes called the San Francisco of the east. And there are certain similarities. Like the fog, the bridges, hilly streets, both a seaport and pretty cold. Only SF won't go down to -25°C in wintertime.

So I went for a ride in the City center and close neighborhood. The weather, after a foggy cloudy morning, turned into blue skies and sunny.

And Grigory showed me around. A lovely city I must say, it reminds me to Europe.

Nonetheless it is a full bread Russian town, it is completely different from Moscow or other cities in the west of Russia. It looks European to me. The "I'm in Russia" feeling disappears.

On our way back, I decided return to the BMW shop and buy a new pair of boots. The previous ones had endured 70.000 km and all kind of weather.

They had also a few holes at the back side. Every time it had rained, overnight the boots had no chance to dry out completely.

They needed two days of sunshine to overcome this inconvenience. I will give no further comments about this situation, I'll leave it to your imagination and personal experiences.

But for sure, I didn't want to get trenchfeet.

Nor did I like the bad looks from people I upset.

Bikers life, say no more!

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