• 574 km


Being so far away from home, and so close to a this particular place. There's hardly anything to see, but it attracts all of my attention that I have to go there.

Maybe it is the coordinates on the map that inspire me.

Or the fact that very few people have ever been there.

Or maybe because the southern border of North Korea is way too easy. I suppose it is just curriculum building or showing off. Nowadays it is also called Blogging.

And going to Khasan is also a good reason to put my new boots on the test. Speaking of which, stray dogs started running again after me since today.

Something must had frightened (disgusted) them before.

Anyway, Khasan is the last Russian village before entering N. Korea.

As close one can get without a permit of Mr. President Kim Jong-un.

And it turned out even better. Three countries, China , Russia an N.Korea at the same border point.

A Chinese and a N. Korean watchtower.

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