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Rendez-vous at 9:00 AM with Mr. Yuri Melnikov and his lovely and adequate assistant Svetlana to clear the motorcycle whit the Russian customs. A task that couldn't have been achieved without their professional assistance. After completing two or three documents in their office, Svetlana drove me to so many different places, I don't even remember where, to meet the local officials and to finally deliver the motorbike at the pier for shipment.

At the end of this Odyssey there was Olga who prepared new import papers for S.Korea and a car insurance. Import fee: another 240 $, non refundable.

Insurance fee: 115 $ for two weeks, with hopefully no refunds. Whatever, the bike is now ready to be shipped and my travel voucher is waiting for me at the DBS desk. A few more days, and I will be traveling S.Korea.

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