• Dietrik VR


Another damp and cloudy day.

So I went to the post office where I ended up behind a queue of at least 20 people. "Mmmmm.... let's not waste my time" I decided after 5 minutes.

"I can come back in an hour".

One hour later, the same queue was still there, hardly anything had changed. Almost the same persons were there in front of me, patiently queuing, chatting and just being happy.

And so again I was taught another lesson. In vain though!

Because I left the same moment I entered the post office. Patience is not my strongest side. I'll try again later in the afternoon.


More luck at about 4:30 PM. It wasn't easy, but after 45 minutes it was my turn. Every letter, before sending, gets registered in their files. So they need to copy all data. Problem#1: All was written in Latin letters.

Problem#2: The senders address was in Italy

Problem#3: The receiver's address in a different country. At the end everything was solved with a lot of fun and a huge involvement of all the people in the queue. Anyway, I consider this a nice experiment to compare La Posta Italiana with Почта России. Let's see who comes out best.... Although I must add that the Russian post has a more difficult task.


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