• 200km


At about 12:00 o clock we entered the Donghea harbour. 
It took me one more hour to pass the customs and to do the import formalities for the motorcycle.
 And there I went, riding S. Korea.

Korea is very well organized, what did you expect.

No motorcycles allowed at the highway and speed traps everywhere. I don't like it, I preferred the wild uncomplicated life in Russia. It adds to your freedom. But it is what it is, and to compensate you can find these beautiful temples and landscapes everywhere. Only a few kilometer inland I found this marvelous temple.

I was short in time. But tomorrow I will spend more time visiting one of those, if I find one. I stay in a cheap but good hotel in the center of Andong: What was missing there on stars and luxury, was made up 10 times as much by the kindness of the host.

I drove through kind of landscape this all the time. Hardly any traffic.

Heron nesting tree. A white poo spot in the middle of green trees.

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