• 200 km

Chung ju

I did only 200 km today. Apparently I cannot find the rhythm to ride my bike.

I have been out for too long in Vladivostok. Or I had done to many kilometers before.

Whatever the reason, it's ok, I will get back into rhythm in Canada.

Don't forget, I will soon have a lot on my mind in Seoul when I have to ship my bike to Vancouver.

I arrived at the hotel shortly after midday.

Where, first things first, I had to book a flight to Vancouver as soon as possible.

Prices were rising as hell. Announcements of 550€ on Skyscanner were all fake. When you started booking they tripled the price immediately. "price offer no more available" Eventually i got a decent offer directly from Japan Airlines, still expensive though. Still a long afternoon ahead of me, I decided to make another stroll at the Chung Ju neighborhood. WhereI ended up watching an archery contest., a Buddhist temple and an 8th century pagode.

Pretty boring, but nice.

Luckily there was a Korean Karaoke contest going on in the hotel where I am staying. You can imagine....

Apparently S.Korea applies the same conditions with Open Streetmaps as with Google Maps. Don't ask me why. As you can see, there is no mapping available. It will turn once I leave S. Korea.


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