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When I drove my motorcycle for the first time into Istanbul, now 3 years ago, it was magical.

I slowed down as much as possible to enjoy this wee moment of greatness. That is how it feels.

The very same year there was Tehran. And later, two years ago Moscow.

Seoul, this time, was no different.

This part of the city is divided in two parts by means of a railway. Some genius architect invented this air boardwalk to link both parts. And he did a marvelous job. Even though it rained, it was full of people having their evening chat.

And I found another restaurant, this time even cheaper.

Less than 5 euro. I chose the 6000 Wong menu, but I had to sit on the floor.

Do not mind the socks, they're normally hidden in my shoes.

I am going to stay here until next Thursday, when I fly to Vancouver.

The weather forecast doesn't sound promising, but Seoul has so much to offer. I already love this town.

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