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38th Parallel

June 25th 1950, to the day 67 years ago.

After WWII, the USA and Soviet Russia decided to divide Korea in two parts. North and South, split at the 38th parallel.

In the post war period, Mao Tse Dung conquered the whole of China. Remember the Long March. Apparently this wasn't enough for him, and with the help of Joseph Stalin, he decided to expand his influence over the entire Korean Peninsula by supporting the Peoples Republic of North Korea. This only because Soviet Russia had recently become the second nuclear power in the world. The Communist army entered as far as Busan, the very deep south of Korea.

America who had done during WWII the whole Pacific campaign, which ended with the surrender of Japan, didn't want to loose his influence in Korea. What else needed to be done than sending General MacArthur, who sent he whole North Korean army to where it came from, only to loose it again when China send in more troops.

In 1953 an armistice was agreed , and the country was divided at the 38th Latitude.

There was never a peace treaty, and officially both countries are still at war. The DMZ is the area that prevents more acts of war.

DMZ, Demilitarized Zone is a strip of land running across the Korean Peninsula.

And this is how I spent my day, watching the remains of these events. Interesting, but still they made a tourist attraction of this.

Nothing compared with today's Donbass which is far more worse ( believe me) , and not even with Tchetchenia where it is pretty calm nowadays.

Still it is a high risk zone. Be prepared! Especially knowing that North Korea dug tunnels under the DMZ to invade the South. And today the North also has missiles and nuclear warheads.

Anyway, so far my personal view. Here are some pictures.

Similar to the Armenian- Iranian border.

This train was found in the DMZ and put into exhibition.

Ribbons for hope.

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