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Not an average day.

I had to bring my motorcycle somewhere close to the airport. But not before a thorough cleaning session. The Canadian customs are scared as hell to import foreign dirt. If there is some dirt on the bike, they refuse importation and send it back where it came from. We cannot afford this, so I stopped at a car wash to do what is necessary.

If it wasn't for the gods, who decided to do what they found necessary by throwing another rain shower at me the moment I left the car wash.

In the crating workshop I had to start all over cleaning with some soap, water and kitchen paper towels. It took me hours. The more I disassembled, the more dirt appeared. Anyway, the bike is cleaner than ever and at about 14:00 it was crated and ready for shipment on Wednesday 28th towards Vancouver, Canada.

I better start planning my Canadian trip.

How am I going to open this box once in Vancouver?

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