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In journeying eastward I went towards the sun, and the days therefore diminished as many times four minutes as I crossed degrees in this direction. Sometimes 40 minutes a day.

There are 360 degrees on the circumference of the earth; and these 360 degrees, multiplied by four minutes, gives precisely twenty-four hours—that is, a day unconsciously gained if I would be already at home. But payday is today and this evening I cross the International Date Line somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. To me June 29th will last almost 48 hours. In fact, I left this morning in Seoul at 11.20 and I will arrive in Vancouver the same day at 11:35.

15 minutes to cover +10.000 km. But I will be in debt, and I must gain another 10 hours to catch up with CET.


Allow me to swear this strong I would get approving nods from both Satan and Lucifer.

After all worries I had with the US Visa, Japan Airlines was about to worsen things heavily. My flight tickets were refused because I did not have a return ticket for Canada. "We all vely solly, but is not oul fault, is Canada Policies. You must buy ticket for Eulope"

Canada fears illegals, so they ask you for a return ticket.

As if this return ticket would stop anyone from staying in Canada if he wanted it. Anyway, 40 minutes before take off they suddenly made me sign some papers in Japanese, and therefore allowed me my flight tickets for Vancouver.

(Believe me, I would have signed anything, even with the above mentioned)

You can buy your ticket for Europe in Tokyo, they said.

...No shit Sherlock, I sure will....

Remains the taught what will happen on arrival in Canada.

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