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Seoul-Tokyo-Vancouver, extra gained day

I was pretty much stressed for what was going to happen in Canada. After all there was a motorcycle to clear at the customs, and there were all the treats of Japan Airlines. !!! YOU WILL BE REFUSED ACCESS!!!!

In less than 30 minutes, I had my luggage reclaimed and I had received a "Have a pleasant stay in Canada, Sir." from the customs. Next obstacle was Air Canada Cargo.

A gentle lady, signed and stamped my papers and then sent me to the Canadian Import Customs. Another nice lady was even quicker to stamp and clear my bike. With only one question asked. "Is the bike clean with no dirt on it?".

Then back to Canada cargo, unboxing and reassemble the bike with the help of the Air Canada operators. Nice guys by the way, thanks for helping. Two hours later I was back on two wheels and ready to discover Canada.

It has been two weeks now without really covering distance on my bike, since my arrival in Vladivostok. First I had to wait for the Ferry to Donghae, and then the whole crating- and shipping business in Seoul. I must say that the waiting was useful and absolutely no lost time.

Sometimes slowing down pays back in many ways.

On the other hand, without the help of Mr.Yuri Melnikov and Svetlana and especially the efforts of Ms. Wendy Choi, the whole shipment wouldn't even had taken place.

And I still would have been in Vladivostok with an expired visa. Many many thanks to both of them.

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