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Port Hardy

Good advice often comes in the most unexpected ways...

Yesterday, when looking for an US 110V adapter, I drove hours in vain.

Until I got the brilliant idea to return to the airport, to finally find what I needed. I was parked in front of the entrance and someone was curious about my license plates. Even though he thought I was Italian, meaning for him another European, he was nicely surprised to find another Belgian in front of him.

It turned out the was a close neighbor who had lived almost 20 km from where I lived before I came to Italy. He found himself a job and emigrated to British Colombia in 2004. He is a truck driver and knew all I needed to know to plan my trip in Canada.

And so here I am, In Port Hardy. A small and desolate town high north at Vancouver Island, where even Tinder has found its way. Especially Tinder!

To get here, it took me only 400 km on wheels and 2 hours waiting in a ferryboat. But it is beautiful.

And it has an aeroport. A Cessna 185 and a De Haviland Beaver, both on floaters.

It brings back good memories. You can't undo the past!

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