• 750 km

Regina, Saskatchewan

From Jasper and Banff into the Saskatchewan Prairie.

Once entirely populated by Cree and Blackfoot Indians, they represent only 6 % of the Canadian Population. Today, the proud plains Indian has a Ford all wheel drive and he goes for a coffee to Tim Hortons and for a burger to McDonalds.

But in spring they have their Pow wow, and they do as much they can to keep their culture alive. In Medicine Hat the tallest Teepee in the world, the Saamis Teepee, was erected as a memorial to the plains Indians.

The plains in Saskatchewan are geographically similar looking to those in Kazakhstan.

The big difference is the wealth that is present here.

The land is cultivated, there are farms and farmers everywhere!

And although I was weary about crossing the plains, it was surprisingly beautiful.

The main color was brown ochre, but often a lush green and yellow appeared and disappeared. Even blue when there was a creek.

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