• 700 km

Sault Saint Marie

A hard day at the office. I left late, caught a lot of rain, then temperatures dropped to 10°C , I got mugged by a crazy truckdriver and to end all this misery I was stopped by the Canadian Police for passing a row of cars in front of a stop sign.

The only way not to be fined is by shutting up, he told me. "If you don't stop arguing I'll fine you. It is your choice. - Stop talking, I am the one who does the talking"

I still stumbled a few words before realizing he might have the last word.

But I suppose he was trying to say: "I have nothing to hold against you, get the hell out of here" So I shut up and had the next 200 km something to think about. Darn!


Sault Saint Marie is a town split in Canada and the USA.

And this is as close I will get to the USA , the distance of a middle size river which connects Lake superior and Lake Huron.

Sault Saint Marie is also the birthplace of Dr. Roberta Bondar. Canada's first woman in space. Beside many other more important memorials, the city honored her also with flowers in a space shuttle.

This motorcycle trip seams to be connected with space travel.

Two years ago, I ended up in Norway in a bar called Phileas Fogg. That time I considered it as an omen.


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