• 350 km

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is also called "The Honeymoon place of USA".

And it looks like it, there is only plastic pleasure around the falls. Little Vegas.

Aside from that, it is a beautiful place though, the falls are stunning.

All paperwork is done. I got my Declaration of Dangerous Goods. It took me only 20 minutes and a nice chat with the person writing it all down. After all, to much worrying for nothing. But it is better to be prepared, I don't want to end up in London without my bike. One problem solved, rises another one. The tyre I was offered in Vladivostok 3 weeks ago, (I am still riding it) is showing real detoriation. 5 cm long cracks are appearing everywhere on the tyre surface. Tomorrow I will change them and finally get rid of those crappy dirt track tyres. Hail the Anakin-III road tyre, They will notice me in the UK and on my way home. . . .

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