• 1200 km


After landing in Gatwick, a bus brought me to Heathrow where I could collect my bike. Few hours later, I already was in Dover to cross the Channel. From Calais in France to Antwerp, and late in the evening I got to meet my folks. Then two days in Holland, Belgium again and from here back home. I think I broke a record in getting there. I took me almost 15 hours to cover 900 km of good roads. I took every opportunity to stop.

I had a long lunch in the Alzace!

Even though it was raining cats and dogs I skipped the Gottard tunnel to cross the Alps on the mountain pass. Before arriving home I sat a whole hour on a bench in front of Lago Maggiore, only 10 km from my place.... Homecoming is the toughest thing on a RTW tour!!!

Trust me.....


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