• 890 km


More than 10 hours to get to Dresden in Germany, if not for: A: a cappuccino in Laveno before leaving. I grabbed every opportunity to stall my leaving. B: very slow riding through Switserland. What else....? C: As always I am endlessly looking for opportunities to meet Karma. You never know when you might need it.

This time i saw a fellow biker, with the name of Alex, pushing his motorbike to a parking area on the highway. He ran out of luck and petrol. At least for the time being.

I lend him a simple plastic hose which I always carry with me.

Only a mouthful (his) of petrol (mine) was enough to end his suffering. He was 'roadborne' again in no time.

The foul taste of petrol was flushed away with a cup of coffee and a pretzel. The main attraction in Dresden is the Fraukirche.

This baroque church was destroyed, together with the rest of Dresden, in an enormous firestorm caused by Phosfor bombs thrown by the Allies. During WWII, and before Hiroshima, bomber Harris wanted to show the Allied fire power to the Soviet army.

Unfortunately this came at a cost of 100000 innocent civilians.

Less than 10% of the original bricks were good for reuse in the project. They can be seen as the back spots on the church walls.



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