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Bialystok and apples

Today I was crossing Poland. Somewhere near Warschau, a serious car crash just happened not long before I arrived at the place of the accident.

At least 7 cars where involved and as many ambulances and fire brigade trucks and a helicopter where already present. I had to wait for about an hour when the clearing of the road took place in front of me.

Obviously, the grumpy men inside me immediately started thinking:

"If I hadn't eaten that apple, which took me about 15 minutes, I could have been ahead of the accident and therefore I wouldn't have been stuck in traffic. Apples always have caused problems through history. Ask Adam!"

When the helicopter flew by with the victims aboard, I realized that the apple might have saved my life. I could have been caught up in the accident without the delay.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

You only need to pick the right moment of eating it.

Anyway, enough of this bullshit. But it was a good reminder that traffic can be dangerous.

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