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This is how Kazakhstan looks like, partially. Endless strait roads through a vast land. It never seems to end. I still have 2000 km of this ahead before arriving in Almaty. Partially I said before. Do not underestimate the Kazakh police force who hides under every stone because trees aren't there. Every little infraction gets noticed and fined with a штраф (Sjtraf) which is an unofficial fine. Goes strait into their pocket. Which explains easily their effortless search for victims.

I could get away with a протокол (protocol) but they confiscated my driving license and i could get it back somewhere in Astana. It would havecost me at least 3 days, so I payed the штраф with pleasure and shook hands and a big high five with the law.

A part from that, it was freezing cold.

4°C in the morning when I left and temps no higher than 10°C at noon. On top of that a strong side wind which made it even worse. I did survive this all and I am able to ride another day.

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