• 650 km


I still cannot understand how, 2 years ago, I made twice the distance in one single day. Half sick and under a constant treat of nasty policemen ready to fine you.

True, I arrived at about 1:00 AM after 14 agonizing hours on my motorbike.

But anyway, that was then. Today, even though I had plenty to relax, I still made it shortly before sunset, because I stopped about everywhere that seemed an opportunity for pictures. I even made more BFfL's. Hotel Kazakhstan (4 stars) wasn't even close to the promises they seemed to offer.

When checked in I got stuck in the elevator, ended up on the top floor, got lost in the emergency stairs and so on. It is an old Soviet hotel, and refurbishing actions are still ongoing. I was agitated and needed at least two hours to cool down. At the end it isn't that bad. The view nxt morning was stunning and both worrying due to the snow.

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