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As a regular customer here in Almaty BMW Service Centre ( it is the second time in two years) they did a bike maintenance. Little things to do, Cairo Moto in Cadrezzate did a good job two months ago. Oil and tires, the regular stuff. And to repair a switch that interrupted the gearbox when starting the engine. It sometimes caused problems. On top of that free coffee and nice company to talk to.

They suggested me to drive to Alma Arasan and Shimbulak , a ski resort. Both where nice.

Shymbulak is the place where the 2017 Almaty Winter Games were held and the atmosphere is still ongoing. Eagle demonstrations are the main event. Dressed as a Kazakh or not. I regrettably chose the latter.

And to favorise a shuttle service the access road is blocked except for them.

It seemed fair to me, 600 Tenge back and forth with the shuttle bus. Almost 1,5 €. Everybody needs to make a living.

In Alma Arasan, I was in for some serious business.

A mountain road led me to 2700 meter with amazing views.

Not that I am not used to it, living in the Alps, but still. Being here is different. Anyway, I needed to check out the weather conditions at high altitude. So, what did I have: no snow and +10° C .

Which made me happy because a worrying feeling got over me whether the mountain passes that lead into Kyrgystan and Tajikstan would be open or not. It seems ok, but the feasibility to cross the Pamir Highway still remains an open question.

After all we are dealing with 4655 m. above sea level. I am not there yet......

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