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When leaving the hotel in Almaty this morning I was spoken to by a Kazakh man. In plain Flemish dialect I replied to him that I hadn't understood any of his words. He only looked at me like "What's he saying?" and left. But I can imagine that for an English speaking person all of it sounded gibberish. Meaning we have something in common.

I left late again, there was only 250 km to do before arriving at the famous and beautiful Charyn Canyon. And it was amazing!

I could drive about 20 km of track on the ridge of the canyon, before going down to the hotel which unfortunately was closed.

I needed to go back.

But where should I go? Almaty or strait into Kyrgyzstan? For sure I chose the latter.

Even though I still needed to cover 200 km and it was already past five. Sunset at eight!

I can make it if I stress the bike and myself.

At about 18:20, I arrived at the Kyrgyz border where slowly a young boy dressed in a military uniform walked towards me. "Yes?" he asked politely. "Can I cross the border please?"

" We closed it 20 minutes ago. These are the working hours . Come back tomorrow at eight"

There is nothing I can do about it. I had to drive back and find the nearest hotel to spend the night. In Kegen, 40 km back nord, I found this farmhouse that's made into a sleeping lodge. Not a big deal but it seems clean.

At least I have a roof over my head tonight.

Temperatures were dropping as hell. 5°C on arrival. and night hadn't even fallen. It 's alright , i still have half a packet salted peanuts left and a bottle of water. That should do it. I have had worse...

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