• 450 km

Naryn, Kyrgyzstan

Tick , tick , tick was the sound that woke me up. Rain falling on a steel roof. Darn, I want to go back to Almaty... My moral was low.

Anyway, I do have a choice to stop this all, but hey, I cannot do this. So I decided to wait a while before meeting the mud that was waiting for me. Karma has it's payback. 1 hour later the sun and my determination were out again.

Having had nothing to eat for two days, I sure could use a snack. Ok, I've had something to eat. But no more than a women's hand of salted peanuts. I use this term only to determine the amount of peanuts, because a women 's hand is smaller. Do not get any naughty thoughts... The snack was provided by this lovely lady who showed me all the good food she had in her store. I ended up with: Twix - Snickers ( there are some leftovers) and local food which eventually was the best of it all.

For sure it was a good thing not to abandon the trip ( I wouldn't have anyway) because after only 70km of dirt track the roads turned out fine once in Kyrgyzstan. 400 km and 6 hours later I arrived in Naryn where I finally could have a shower and dinner.

But what a ride today! Amazing landscapes as never seen before. On average I rode at 2000 m and a high pass at 3050 meters. No problems at all. I hope tomorrow will be no different, maybe even better.

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