• Dietrik VR

Jalal Abad

I woke up during the night and needed a drink. The high altitude somewhat dis-hydrates you, I guess.

In complete darkness, there was a powercut at 10:00 PM, I reached for the bottle full of frozen water. Duh, nothing to drink this time.

But I did find the reason why I felt so cold.

All day I was riding temperatures slightly above zero . What do you expect what happens at night?

I left at 9:00 in Murghab and arrived in Sary Tash at 17:00. Another 170 km ride at an average altitude of 4000m.

I took any occasion to stop or to stall my itinerary, only because i wanted to enjoy this as long as possible.

And of course there were also the custom formalities who took at least an hour and 500 Som..

From Sary Tash, the whole way back was easy and quick, until a policeman found a reason to fine me. My spirit went broken and I still had 130 km to go.

That is why I arrived shortly after sunset in Jalal Abad.

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