• 930 km


Since the biggest fresh water lake in the world dried out due to irrigation needed for the cotton fields in Kazakhzstan and Turkmenistan, Aralsk became just a shadow of what it once was. The end of the fishing industry. Even the rusty ships in the sand have disappeared.

Instead, dust has taken the place of water. There. Is. Dust. Everywhere.

Next to the roads, the sand accumulates in small dunes.

I found dust in the white sink of my hotel room.

What looks like fog or haze is merely dust in the air.

Wherever cars drive, they leave a dust trail in the air.

I had to drive through dust storms before arriving there.

I best compare this with the movie "Interstellar".

That is how it looks like.

Speaking of which, to get to Aralsk I had to drive through Baikonur. Again!

Every time I get there I get really excited. In my eyes, this ground is sacred .

The very soul of Korolev, Titov, and Gagarin is hangs still around.

But like two years ago, there is hardly anything to see, if only a few antennas.

I took pictures of some local wildlife to have something.

I wasn't allowed to photograph the real deal.

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