• 1400km


Two days on the run. Two days of rain. And to-day it also felt cold.

I have been complaining and moaning to myself for the whole 650 km, but after all it wasn't that bad.

I remember, in Siberia I always halted, in front of red lights, close to the truck's exhaust pipes just to get some warmth from the harmfull but hot air. Breath as less as possible were my tactics. And in Norway, rain and temperatures between 2°C and - 10°C, I felt so happy to enter a tunnel where the temperatures reached at least 6 centigrades. And it lasted for about 20 km. Anyway, tomorrow could be slightly better. We will see, it is what it is. Zagreb was boring, It is merely a place on my way through.

As is Niš.

But no pics here..... Too rainy all evening.

Tomorrow Istanbul, where I have been so often I don't even bother to go seeing Fatih or any Aya Sofia once more. Tomorrow I am Asia as I will cross the Bosporus bridge.

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