• 800km


It took me three days to get there. I already did about 2000 km and I am more or less halfway to Iran. So, what happened today before getting here, beside good weather

and extremely bad weather?

Of course, I cannot forget.

I had an accident with a wheel loader excavator. You know, this kind road repairing tool.

When I passed the bulldozer,

he suddenly turned towards me without any warning signs. I went hard on the brakes... but unfortunately I could not avoid the impact. The loader, full of dirt, hit me sideways and I went down within a milisecond.


There I was, shaken and stirred.

Luckily no physical harm was done. The bike lay sideways, the engine still running.

The only damage were scratches and twisted mirrors.

It took me a few seconds to get up again. Actually more than the time needed to get all the workers around me to ease their curiosity. They were more shocked by the event than I was.

Anyway, a short time later we shook hands, forgave and forgot and before they could pronounce my name correctly I was already on my way. My main worry ( I hate it to drive at night ) had been to loose more time before arriving in Istanbul. But eventually I got here, shortly after sunset.

Enough to have a small dinner and take a picture of avery small part of the Istanbul night skyline.

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