• 850 km


I planned to wake up early. But no alarm is set during the weekend, and how could I possibly know today was Saturday? I am on holiday !!!! Result: I woke up at 9:00, quick shower, break-fast and packed in a hurry. 1 hour later the engine was running and I left Istanbul. Only to get more showers.

And fines by the "Trafic Polis".

The funny thing with these fines is that you get a discount of 25% when pay within 2 weeks.

The ticket must be payed at any bank in Turkey. So I am taking my chances on getting a 100% discount when I leave the country.

Nice policemen by the way. They claimed I had a forged Passport. "Your year of birth is not correct" they joked. Anyway, it was a nice compliment.

Again,... we shook hands, had a few laughs, high fives and BFF's.... Armenia isn't far away.....

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