• 450 km


Quite an easy ride today. No worries , no police men, hardly any rain and I arrived in Batumi before 17:00h. Not bad isn't it? And finally some time to relax. Batumi, only 20 km across the Turkish border, has these statues everybody knows from the internet. But no one ever wanders where they are. Why would you?

Anyway, I have found them at the Batumi seashore. Batumi is a wannabe Las Vegas, but tends to be more like Riccione in Italy or Blankenberge in Belgium. A place where the Turks and Georgians tend to go.

It isn't that bad, but, you know, too much tourism. Not my piece of cake.

But I also met some Iranians who own a shop up here and they gave me some good advice where to go and what to eat. I must try the Koresht Mast, ( yogurt with sheepmeat and honey) , the Ghorme Sobzi and some Beryoni. But I also must think it over.....

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