• 650 km


What a day. I can't say anything more. A few hours ago I was about to quit. If even this is possible, I guess not. I left this morning Batumi at 8:00 in the morning, to arrive in Tsaghkadzor at 21:00.

Pitchblack, altitude 2000 meter above sea level and therefore only 5° C. Shivering cold.

So where was the delay? All went well for the first 400 km. Then in Tbilisi during rush hour a truck hit me while almost standing still. I lost my balance and fell against a brand new car, which ended badly scratched. It seems to be my fate these days.

Whatever, the whole event made me loose 2 hours and a tasty fine because i was involved in an accident. WTF ??? Then another 1,5 hour at the Armenian border for custums clearing. Another WTF...

Worse was yet to come. Although I was repeatedly promised that motorcycles above 250cc are allowed in Iran, I just received a message from my fixer that this isn't the case anymore. Only 5 days are allowed if entering from Armenia. Whatever happened today is peanuts compared to this bad news.

My visa for Azerbaijan is only valid from May 30th so that is not an option anymore. I am not going to wait here.. The only thing to do is make the most of these 5 days and drive west again exiting the country through Turkey and forget Azerbaijan FUDGE!!!!!

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