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Updated: Mar 7, 2020


Driving slow is simple and convenient.

Low fuel consumption and no fines and you see a lot more around you.

But it is so boring!!!

But it ended at least for 50 km of dirt track Unfortunately this pleasant shortcut was shut down in a roadblock and I was forced to go whole the way back.

100 km of fun extra!

Back on the main road I could release the racer in me, I already felt having lost a lot of time.

Low evening sun and heading west. Twisty downhill roads and hardly any potholes. I went for it.

No thaughts, only action. Braking and accelerating. For a whole hour.

Even the "Sborone" with his big ass car who, at all cost, made a pass on me on the straith got his ass kicked soon after the first turns showed up.

He was always to quick on his brakes I had noticed.

I lined up on his left, and at the next turn it was just a matter of outbraking him.

Got him on the inside, full throttle, showed him how a turn is taken, and repeated this lesson for the turns to come. And at the first straith, I broke his will to follow me by going full throttle.

It always works.

If only.......he wasn't a policeman in a private car.

By the time I reached Borjomi, another police squad was already waiting for me.

It ended with a 50 GEL fine which equals 17 euro, and more BFL's. It's ok…

By the way, today I witnessed the weirdest of all trafic accidents where a person got deceased.

It happened merely half an hour before my arrival.

A truck loaded with asphalt, a warm sticky mixture of gravel and bitumen, was laying sideways tilted on the road.

The asphalt was poured on the ground and an unfortunate person was caught in it.

Only his legs were sticking out, a policeman stood next to it.

I consider this to be among the most terrible ways to die.

Being immobilised in this noxious, sticky and hot material. Nothing to breath and you cannot move even a finger.

Life and death in the Kaukasus,....

Which also goes for stray dogs, living and attacking everything that moves on the road.

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